The Legend of Lao Textiles

Textiles of Laos: nowhere else does the tradition continue to be an expression of an ancient culture. Women of Laos have for many generations woven colours and motifs in harmony, producing the most intricate and eye pleasing weavings of the region.

At Phaeng Mai Gallery, you will see an exclusive collection of exquisite fabrics. These are made using naturally - dyed silk and painstakingly hand - woven on traditional looms. To preserve the weaving heritage of Laos, many designs that we use are derived from antique textiles such as those commissioned by the ancient royal courts.

Daughters of Sam Neua

Our ancestral home is at Sam Neua, Houaphan province in the northeast of Laos, the birthplace of many rare and antique textiles. The Sam Neua weavers are renowned throughout the country for their high - quality weaving; our Mother is no exception.

Long Experience

Both my sister and I began to weave at six years of age under the expert guidance of our Mother. Since then we have gained considerable experience that we now pass on to apprentice weavers, who, hopefully, will become the master Lao textile artists of tomorrow. Today, we supervise the entire weaving process in an extended family manner where the weavers are part of the design planning, colour choice and deft sense of tradition and skill.

A highlight of our work was in 1991 when we participated the Southeast Asia Textile Weaving Contest, held in Chiang Mai, Thailand sponsored by UNESCO. We received the major award to recognize our work in weaving.

This winning is permanently exhibited in Paris with an identical creation on display at the Phaeng Mai Gallery.


In 1990, Phaeng Mai Gallery opened its handloom weaving facilities to train the people of Laos and others in the intricate skills and techniques required to produce Lao textiles. Each course is adapted to suit weaving experience and the specific needs of clusters of trainee weavers.

We invite you to visit our showroom and meet the weavers who practice their craft at the Gallery's premises.